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Submersion Festival is a boutique, independently-owned and operated music and arts festival based in Hammonton, New Jersey. Hosted by Aspire Higher and The Rust Music, the festival finds itself nestled within the sprawling Paradise Lakes campground amongst the Garden State’s lush Pine Barrens for a third consecutive year. Bringing together musical communities and vetted professionals from the combined Philadelphia and New York area, we strive to provide a tightly curated weekend of selective programming, expansive visual art, cutting-edge sound systems alongside a modest cast of friends and family. 

Abundant natural shade and the amenable October weather provide a welcomed-respite from the usual summertime sizzle at contemporary events. With music spread between the lake-side Beach Stage and the cozy crucible of the Woods Stage, staggered lineups run the full gamut from early afternoon until our much-beloved sunrise at the dawn of each morning. For any and all personal needs, we offer a hand-picked selection of local food vendors, a nearly round-the-clock general store, and instructor-led wellness and yoga sessions during the quiet morning hours. Additionally, you'll find on-site the centrally-located medical team, free potable water stations, dedicated and temporary washroom facilities with weekend-long maintenance, and a full crew of production and harm-reduction staff working day and night to ensure the safety of our guests, and the success of the weekend.

We have had the pleasure of a lifetime hosting this event year after year, and we expect 2024 to be no different. We are tremendously excited to once again welcome a cast of old faces and new names, and celebrate a weekend of revelry and relaxation in the lap of some of our favorite music and visual artists on the circuit.

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